Omaha mover, I-Go Moving and Storage, hopes that Omaha’s No. 2 ranking on Top Cities To Do Business List inspires corporate headquarters to move to Omaha

Another Top 10 list for Omaha! I-Go Moving and Storage is excited to see that another publication’s Top 10 List has named Omaha as the No.2 city for business this year, second to Washington D.C. We are optimistic that due to constant inclusion on these lists in the last few years that Omaha will be on the short list of where corporations will look to move their corporate headquarters. Being “somewhere in the middle of America” as quoted by the Black Crowes in their popular “Omaha” song, should also help on location alone to limit travel time to other offices.

People who move to Omaha from big cities usually are comforted by the low cost of living and less stressful life in Omaha. People may move here for a job and when it is time to transfer they decline it because they enjoy it so much here. I am happy to have spent 4 years at college in Bloomington, Indiana and 5 years in Chicago before moving back to my native Omaha. That time away made me appreciate Omaha that much more.

Please see link below to read more about the Best Business Cities list. We at I-Go Moving and Storage wish you a happy new year!



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